Hello blog!

Hello everyone! Happy and blessed Easter season to you all.
This is a somewhat new venture for me. I’ve had a few blogs before but they’ve never really gotten very far. I’ve never really been dedicated to writing every day so I would go through spurts of blogging and then forget about the fact that I had a blog. I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately about how I can share Christ with all of you people out in cyberspace and a few things happened that have lead to the start of this blog. I wrote an email to a friend of mine catching her up on my life and she wrote back saying that I should write a book. A few days later I was talking with a friend of mine who herself has written a book and she said that she thought I should try doing this in blog format. The day after that conversation I was talking with some friends, one of whom is very computer savvy, and he said that he would be willing to help so here I am.
I don’t know exactly what the point of this blog is going to be except that I’ve had some pretty powerful and amazing things happen in this past year and I want to be able to, hopefully, lead you to a deeper relationship with Christ, His mother Mary, the Saints and the Angels. That’s my hope anyway. I can only pray that God will use me, His little scribe, to help lead you to Him.

I want to share a poem that God wrote through me recently. This past year I was diagnosed with both stress induced depression and sever anxiety. I was also experiencing a very dry spell in my walk with Christ. I felt very alone and it was really difficult for me (more about this in later posts I’m sure.) This poem was written the other week and I hope it can help you or people you know who may be struggling right now.
Don’t forget, with God all things are possible! ❤

The Mosaic.
Broken and shattered on the ground
My life is in pieces scattered and torn.
Gone are my dreams, plans and hopes.
I am scared hurt and alone.
Who can help me? Who can I turn to for help?
I see a man approach the shards of what used to be my life.
As He bends down to pick up a rough and jagged piece,
I look in His eyes and see pain and sorrow.
Pain that I am in pain and sorrow at the sadness I feel.
I also see hope in His eyes,
“What hope is there for me?” I think as I continue to watch Him pick up my life piece by jagged piece.
Each piece He picks up cuts into His hands as He feels my pain for Himself.
“What’s the point?” I ask Him, “how could any good come from the broken pieces of my life?”
“Come” He says, “Come and see” as He puts His bleeding hands on my shoulder.
I turn to see what He had been working on this whole time and I see a mosaic of a sword.
It is big, powerful and absolutely beautiful.
“How could this be?” I asked Him. “Surely that isn’t my life?”
He turned to me with a smile and said “With God, all things are possible” and led me home.

Have a wonderful Friday, don’t forget what Christ did for you on a long ago Friday, and don’t forget to “thank God ahead of time!”
~Maggie Rose.

Thought for the day:
God is your father. You are the child of THE KING! ❤


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