All Around Me


All around me the voices fill the air, the voices of the innocent pleading for help. I hear them cry out. They cry for safety, for protection and most of all for love. It’s the same now as it was then. Herod killed thousands of children out of fear that he would lose his kingdom and his power. Today countless women kill their children out of fear that they may lose control of their own lives. Both of these killings are done of out fear, fear of pain, responsibility, sacrifice and change. If only they could feel the pain of the children and hear their silent cries of anguish. Maybe then the senseless killing, the violence and pain would end. During Herod’s reign the children had no voice, the mothers’ cries were ignored and any attempt to stop the killing only ended in more violence and pain for those responsible for the attempts. Today the children still have no voice and any attempts to stop the violence are again silenced through more pain and suffering. The innocent children have no voice. They are mercilessly being killed for the sake of “convenience.” Will you risk your comfort and wellbeing? Will you risk your reputation? Will you act even though it may cost you family relationships and friendships? The innocent children still have no voice! Will you be that voice?

Thought for the day:

“God, the Lord of life, has entrusted, to men the noble mission of safeguarding life, and men must carry it out in a manner worthy of themselves. Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception: abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.”
Gaudium et Spes


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