God’s Love.


I heard a talk today about God’s transforming love. In it she shared an experience she had were God said to you “I understand everything and I love you anyway.” That hit me really powerfully because I had a very intense year in that I had many health issues caused by stress and lack of sleep due to school and work. For a long time I’ve been struggling to believe that I am His beloved daughter. For a long time my thinking was along the lines of “Of course God loves me, He’s God, He loves everyone” but it wasn’t personal for me. In May of 2010 I was on a retreat with the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor MI. On their discernment retreats they have each retreatant pick a litany title for the Blessed Mother and then figure out during the weekend why they got that title. My litany title was Mary Beloved Daughter of the Most High God. During Adoration I felt a lot of comfort from that title. That was the start of my truly learning in the deepest part of my being that I am His beloved daughter and He loves me for being me. The next phase of the learning process was when my friend was ordained. After the ordination they had a reception in the parish hall. The three men who had just been ordained were in a line giving first blessings so I got in line to ask Father for a first blessing. I don’t remember much of what he said in his blessing but I do remember very clearly that he started with “May God grant you the grace to know that you are His beloved daughter.” As time has gone on and I’ve experienced both struggles and joys I’ve come more and more to understand just how much He loves me because I am me and I am His beautiful daughter and bride. On Wednesday I was in Adoration and the Deacon said “God didn’t die for all people, He died for each person”, then today I heard “God said to me, and wants to say to each one of you ‘I understand everything and I love you’.” I can’t say that I’ve got it now and am done learning that He loves me because I don’t believe that is true, I believe that it is going to be a long process for me but I know that something has changed deep inside. I know that I am much more confident in who I am as His daughter. I have struggled with my self-esteem for a long time and I can tell that, thanks to the grace of God, I am different. Praise God for He has made me fearfully and wonderfully! He has done the same for you! God has made YOU fearfully and wonderfully made! Don’t ever forget that you are His beloved child! I said a prayer today for each person who will every read this that you may understand in your deepest self that you are His and He loves YOU for being you. 

God bless you each and every day. 

~Maggie Rose 


Thought for the day: 

Did you know that one hundred percent of fashion models are not satisfied with how they look? 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made so why should you complain about how you look? God made you as you and loves you as you so don’t be bitter that you don’t look perfect. 


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