Mary, Star of the Sea.


First I would like to share this beautiful poem that my friend Sister Angelique sent to me. 


And the name of the Virgin was Mary.” 

Let us pause for a moment at this name which we say means “Star of the Sear,” which applies so perfectly to her, the Virgin Mother.

Yes! She is the brilliant and marvelous Star which necessarily must rise above the immense ocean of this world by the brightness of her merits and radiance of her example. 

Whoever you are, understand that your life, far from being a journey on firm land, resembles more an adventure on the moving waves of the words. 

So do not take your eyes from the light of this Star, so as not to fall under the tempest. 

If the winds of temptation arise and difficulties also surround you: Look to the Star! Invoke Mary!

If you are tossed back and forth by ambition, pride, envy, wounding words or jealousy, Look to the Star! Invoke Mary! 

If anger, avarice, the seductions of the flesh come to shake the frail boat of your soul: Lift your eyes to Mary!

If, troubled by the atrocity of your crimes, ashamed of the stains on your conscience and frightened by the thought of judgement, you begin to sink into the abyss of sadness and despair: Think of Mary!

In peril, anguish, doubt: Think of Mary! Invoke Mary!

May the name of Mary never leave your lips or your hearts. 

To obtain the favor of her prayer, do not cease imitating her life.

In following her, you will not go astrat.

In praying to her, you will not know despair.

In thinking of her, you will avoid taking a false step.

If she sustains you, you will not fall.

If she protects you, you will have nothing to fear.  

Under her guidance, you will not know lassitude. 

Thanks to her favor, you will reach the Goal. 

~Saint Bernard. 


On a completely unrelated note today was my second couch to five K run. I only went for fifteen minutes instead of twenty because my joints have been hurting in the past few weeks so I didn’t want to put too much extra stress on my knees but I also didn’t want to totally not run today. I am really enjoying running even though it is hard sometimes. I feel so much better emotionally and physically just from doing it for two days. I’m really excited to keep on going. 

~Maggie Rose


Thought for the day: 

“Sometimes it seems so complicated to do the right thing…but simple trust solves all things.” ~Sister Angelique


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